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Marine Pipelines and Operations

The reputation of our marine business is renowned throughout the world.

Pipeline landfall at Easington 2012We operate, consult and advise in the specialist areas of pipeline and cable landfalls, river crossings, outfalls, offloading lines, bundles, sealines and in the installation of anchor systems for tanker moorings (CBMs and SPMs).  

Land & Marine has, developed and refined a complete range of pipeline pulling and towing techniques; using linear winches and wires for pulling pipes and using tugs and support vessels for floating and towing applications.  Our Flow-Lay® method is increasingly well known, offering an economical and controlled surface tow and installation system for flowlines and bundles.

Please follow these links for further details of our marine pipelines and specialist marine operations

We supply and operate construction barges, pipeline trenching machines and provide land and hydrographic survey and specialist ROV services. Please see our section on winch, barge and equipment hire.

Our marine operations specialists operate in diverse fields from installing marine anchors and piles for SPMs to pioneering a new and highly successful system for detecting and recovering nuclear particles on or under the seabed.