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Aviation fuel mains and hydrants

Our expertise in the area of aviation fuel mains and hydrants is unrivalled within the UK. 

aviation fuel pipework

From full hydrant systems to small modifications, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to carry out these often strategically sensitive projects.

We have extensive direct experience of working at some of the UK’s major civilian airports (Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester) and military air stations (RAF Brize Norton and RAF Fairford).

Construction requirements vary tremendously from contract to contract and can involve:

  • Detailed logistics planning with airport operators
  • Complex pipeline routing
  • Large and complex valve chambers
  • Restricted sites, close to taxiways & security fencing
  • Night-time working
  • Tie-in into existing systems
  • Open-cut and tunnelled taxiway crossings
  • Live working throughout the operation, with aircraft being offloaded and refuelled close to our construction sites

Land & Marine also provides design and construction of filter pump and meter installations and road tanker loading and off-loading facilities.

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